Meet the Crew: Taylor Lewis


Taylor Lewis is WISEACRE’s East Tennessee beer sales representative covering Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville and everywhere in between. Taylor, a Memphis native, attended college at The University of Tennessee Chattanooga where he studied human interaction with the environment and earned a degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in anthropology and sociology. He considers himself to be very observant and enjoys working with a vast array of people every day.

“I’m very passionate about food and beverage. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry my whole life but never specifically for a brewery. I love being able to represent my hometown throughout the state and work for such a great brand. I trained the first week of April [2016] and then the next week we launched into the New Orleans market. Since then I’ve helped open two other markets this year! It’s been a great ride so far and it’s just getting started.”

We got to know Taylor a little better by asking him some very important personal questions. Read Below!

What do you do at WISEACRE?
I work in Nashville, TN and manage sales accounts in Eastern TN. I spend most of my time in Nashville, while bouncing around Chattanooga, Knoxville, and everywhere in between each month. I talk about Wiseacre every single day. It’s pretty incredible.
I’m the only person that lives away from the brewery and sometimes I feel like no one really knows who I am. I’m kind of like the half brother. Part of the family but doesn’t live there, has a different dad but the same mom, and you only see them on holidays. You can guarantee I’ll be home for all the special events and holidays, but then I’ll disappear for a while after that. Just know I’m out there educating the masses. Shaking hands and kissing babies.
What do you like about beer?
I LOVE the unique relationship beer has with food. You take a sip of beer and eat it with the right food and marvelous things happen for your taste buds. You discover new flavors in both the beer and the bite. It’s delicious and fascinating.  I have a strong appreciation for the craft of both growing food and making beer.
What is your favorite beer (style or specific beer)?
If I had to pick one style I’d say Stout. Something rich and dark.
However, this job has exposed me to so many other styles of beer that I love to drink now. I never thought I would love Tiny Bomb as much as I do, but it’s the perfect beer to start or finish with. Or shotgun.
What is the first beer you drank & what happened after you drank it?
I don’t remember the first beer I drank but the first beer I funneled was Coors light. I projectile vomited afterwards.
What is your favorite pizza topping combination?
BBQ chicken + caramelized onion
Where did you go to Elementary school?
Crosswind Elementary- our song is below for reference (please sing)
“Out on the west side of Collierville town
From every direction the winds gather round
The eagles fly higher, the tall trees bend
There in the power of the strong crosswinds
Crosswind, crosswind, the silver and blue
Wherever we travel, we’ll remember you
Now we’ve started it will never end
We’ll fly like eagles
We’ll fly like eagles
We’ll fly like eagles on the strong crosswind “
What sorts of obscure things are you into?
Gardening, pottery, bedazzling, body painting.
 What is your spirit cartoon character?
Cookie Monster- if you have ever gone out to eat with me you know this to be true.
Do you know a good joke?
Do you know know a good joke?
Have you acquired any nicknames since you started working for WISEACRE?
Hollywood- people take pictures with me, they tell me I’m pretty. 
You have 30 seconds left to live, you can consume any food and drink. What food and drink would it be?
carbs (preferably deep fried) + champagne