Meet the Crew: Ken Welch

Ken has been a part of the WISEACRE crew for two years, working in packaging and being a general maintenance guru around the brewery and the taproom. Ken’s skill set and knack for creativeness when it comes to maintenance and design have resulted in the coining of the clever and endearing term “Kengineering”.

Before Ken came to work for WISEACRE he was a crew member in the M1 Abrams main battle tank in the US ARMY. After getting out of the army and hearing the news that his long time family friends, and our founders, Davin and Kellan had started a brewery Ken decided to come to Memphis and explore job options. After interviewing at other jobs Ken decided that WISEACRE was a good fit for him and joined his former college roommate T.O. in the ranks of the packaging team. Read along below for the captivating interview with the master of Kengineering himself!

What do you do at WISEACRE?

I work in packaging. I keg beer, bottle beer, and can beer. I also do small maintenance and handyman things around the brewery and taproom. “Kengineering”.

What do you like about beer?

What is there not to like about beer? I like how beer brings people together. I have met some of the best people I know and some of my good friends over a beer. It just naturally brings people together.

What is your favorite beer (style or specific beer)?

I really enjoy a good Pilsner, and of course my favorite Pilsner would be Tiny Bomb American Pilsner. I like a few others also.

What is the first beer you drank & what happened after you drank it?

I’m not to sure what the first beer I drank was but it was probably a Budweiser or a natty light. I probably drank another one after that.

What is your favorite pizza topping combination?

My favorite pizza topping combo is pepperoni and mushroom.

Where did you go to Elementary school?

I went to Haywood elementary school in Brownsville Tn.

What sorts of obscure things are you into?

I enjoy a lot of outdoor activity, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and just being outside in general.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be? 

I’ve been told that I’m quite the character myself. I’ll just go with Ken Welch.

Do you know a good joke?

I once had a job interviewing random women about their favorite shampoo. They kept freaking out yelling at me to get out of their bathrooms.

Have you acquired any nicknames since you started working for WISEACRE?

I haven’t acquired any nicknames. When I’m asked to fix stuff or build things it is called “Kengineering”.

You have 30 seconds left to live, you can consume any food and drink. What food and drink would it be?

I would eat some chicken gizzards with hot sauce and wash it down with an ice cold grape rip it.