Meet the Crew: Craig Melton

Craig works in operations and administration for WISEACRE and has been a part of the crew since day one. He’s been long term friends with our founders Kellan and Davin and their partner Frank.

“I’ve known Kellan, Davin and Frank forever. Kellan, Davin and I were friends all through middle and high school, and then Kellan and I lived together for a few years in college. Frank’s kids are the same age as Kellan, Davin and me, which is how I knew him. I’ve literally seen these guys grow up and watched the idea of WISEACRE grow from a dream into reality. It’s been incredible to see this business blossom, and I’m grateful to be able to be part of it now.”

“When I was in college my plan was to work in sports. I have a Master’s degree in Sport & Leisure Commerce, which is similar to an MBA, but focused on the sports business. Prior to WISEACRE I was working for the City of Germantown. Germantown is a very well organized municipality, and I learned an incredible amount about developing policy, procedure, and organizational structure while I was there.

When WISEACRE opened my wife and I were among the first bartenders pouring beer. We were there to simply support our friends and enjoy the excitement around this new Memphis business. Over time I tried to add value wherever I could, and as the business grew in size and complexity I had an opportunity to join the team on a full time basis. My role within WISEACRE is constantly evolving as the business grows, but my focus is always to find places where I can add value and work hard to make sure we are taking all the steps necessary to continue to grow.”

Read along for a riveting Q&A session with the Squirrel King himself.

What do you do at WISEACRE?

Operations / Administration…I manage the packaging staff, lead multiple meetings throughout the week, work with ownership on determining our future path.

What do you like about beer?

What’s not to like about beer. It’s tasty and in proper amounts in makes everything more fun.

What is your favorite beer?

My favorite beer is Tiny Bomb…no question.

What is the first beer you drank & what happened after you drank it?

Davin gave me the first beer I ever drank. There was nothing memorable about it, other than that.

What is your favorite pizza topping combination?

I’m a big fan of the “supreme” pizza. I love the combo of meat and veggies on a pizza. My main requirement for good pizza however is the tomato sauce and the crust. Those two ingredients are key to me.

What was your first job?

My first part time job was cleaning gutters at an apartment complex. My first full time job was working the the recreation department at 2nd Pres.

What sorts of obscure things are you into?

I am fanatical about golf. I play every chance I get.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?

That’s too hard a question for me…I hate hypothetical scenarios. Ask my wife, she gets mad at me all the time because I can’t answer questions like this.

Do you know a good joke?

I’m pretty sure I’m funny, but I don’t tell jokes.

Have you acquired any nicknames since you started working for WISEACRE?

Kellan calls me Squirrel King. It makes no sense. TO loves to sing songs about me. He takes popular songs from the 80’s and 90’s and inserts my name in the lyrics. I think I’m a source of inspiration for him.

You have 30 seconds left to live, you can consume any food and drink. What food and drink would it be?

My grandmother’s lasagna and a cold Coke.