Coming Soon: Frozen Toast Wheatwine (on tap and in bottles Saturday, Jan. 13th)

  • Tiny Bomb Pilsner (on tap and in 6-packs and 5 or 15.5 gallon kegs to-go; KEG REQUEST FORM)
  • Ananda IPA (on tap and in 6-packs and 5 or 15.5 gallon kegs to-go; KEG REQUEST FORM)
  • Gotta Get Up to Get Down Coffee Milk Stout (on tap and in 6-packs to-go)
  • Adjective Animal Double IPA (on tap and in 4-packs to-go)
  • Tacky Wet Hopped Pale Ale (on tap and in 4-packs to-go)
  • Memphis Sands Helles Lager (on tap and in 12-packs to-go)
  • Starless Schwarzbier (on tap and in 6-packs)
  • Frostee Goatee Big Small Beer (on tap only)
  • Kerfluffle Oatmeal Stout (on tap only)
  • Frozen Toast Wheatwine (on tap and in 22 oz bottles)
  • Gemütlichkeit Oktoberfest Marzenbier (only in 6-packs and 15.5 gallon kegs to-go; KEG REQUEST FORM)
  • Tarasque Saison (only in 6-packs)
  • Tarahumara Dry Hopped Pale Ale (only in 4-packs)
  • Astronaut Status Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout (only in 22 oz bottles)
  • Bird Upon a Hippo Belgian Stout (only in 22 oz bottles)
  • Azazel Belgian Golden Strong made with Rangpur Limes (only in 22 oz. bottles)
  • Symphonic 2017 Oak Aged Wildbock with Montmorency Cherries (only in 22 oz. bottles)
  • Charlemayne Brandy Barrel Aged Belgian Stout with Cocoa Nibs and Orange Zest (only in 22 oz. bottles)

Taproom FAQs: 

  • Growlers: we cannot fill growlers without our label on it.  Not our rule and we follow it even if others don’t.  We offer almost all our beers in pre-packaged bottles or cans, which is far better for your beer and your wallet anyway.
  • No free sips: This is our rule.  We know we are bucking the trend but research shows a small sip is useless in really getting to know a beer.  We offer our beers in hefty, reasonably priced 7 oz tasters so you can at least take your beer out to a dinner and a movie first…
  • Children and Dogs:  Children are welcome (but of course can’t have any booze) as well as dogs, though they must remain outside…the dogs not the kids…
  • Outside alcohol/our bottles and cans:  Please help us keep our license by only drinking what we have on tap on the premises…no outside alcohol or our packaged cans or bottles.  Our “to-go” 6 packs and bottles are only “to-go”.  It’s the law!
  • Table Reservations: We do not accept table reservations; we are about community and fun.  However, if you would like to rent a small room or our outdoor pavilion to ensure your own space, please see our private events page HERE.
  • Tours: We offer tours most Saturdays and some weekdays as the brew schedule allows.  They sell out quickly and priority given to those who sign up online.  For tickets, info and availability, please our tour page HERE.