Gemütlichkeit Room

Gemütlichkeit Room (Gemü for short)

This semi-private room accommodates 16 guests for a seated event at our large conference table or up to 25-30 guests for a standing reception. The room is rented by the hour with a minimum of two hours. This is an easy-breezy space with little decorating or preparation necessary. Typical basic pricing involves:

  • Facility Rental Fee (2 hours in the space):  $250 for a Monday – Thursday event, $350 for a Friday – Saturday event. Additional hours priced upon request.
  • Service Fees: $20 per hour per bartender for the length of the party, plus half hour each for set-up and clean-up.
  • Beer: Our beers range in price from $5 – $6 per glass or $1.75 – $3.00 per taster.
  • Food:  Up to you (please see below).

Beer and Wine

The Taproom has up to 10 beers on tap, including our year round, seasonal and specialty beers. Availability of specific beers depends on the season. Please note that beer is typically charged upon consumption (by the glass, as your order it) and can be paid via either a master tab or individual tabs. If you would like to more actively manage consumptions, we can also provide a set number of drink tickets for distribution to your guests. At the moment we cannot accommodate outside wine or liquor in this area.


For all rental spaces, you are welcome to bring in home-made items, use your own caterer with advanced approval (and no added fees!), or use a caterer from our list of recommended vendors and food trucks.  If coordinating your own food, please note that we do not have a kitchen area, prep areas or refrigeration storage and food must be delivered no more than a half hour in advance. If you’d prefer to be more hands off, we can also coordinate delicious in-house menus to fit any budget.


For a standard Gemu event, we will provide one private bartender to assist with drink service to the room. We opt for an hourly Service Fee of $20/hr for each bartender for the length of your event plus a half hour each for set-up and clean-up (ex: total will be $60 for a two hour event).

Tours, Tastings and Team Building

We can offer tours of our state of the art brewing facility, tastings with our expert staff and fun activities (beer trivia and more!) that can be custom fit for your group. Tours will depend on the brew schedule but are available for an additional cost during most times we are closed to the public. Want to host your own exclusive beer pairing dinner for you guests? We can do that too! Pricing upon request.

Interested in booking?

Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you to set up your booking. Please make sure to note the room you are requesting in the “Description of Event” space.