Meet the Team

Davin Bartosch: Brewmaster
Always a thorough expert at things off the beaten path, Davin excelled in origami and cooking as shorty, later navigating obscure college classes to become a double major in psychology and anthropology. Like a fish out of water he flopped around in career world gasping for air he could not breathe through his brewer gills before making his passionate, all-consuming homebrewing pastime into a legitimate career. This lead Davin to the World Brewing Academy (Siebel Institute of Technology – Chicago, IL & Doemen’s Academy – Munich, Germany) where he was salutatorian, 6+ Years Professional Brewmaster with Rock Bottom Chicago, award winning brewer in Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup, Festival of Wood & Barrel Aged Beer and more. Davin is also a B level racquetball player with a robotic backhand.
Favorite breweries: Haymarket, Solemn Oath, Half Acre, Founders, Victory, New Glarus, Amnesia
Favorite beers:
 Westmalle Tripel, Uirege Altbier, Sierra Nevada Celebration, Half Acre Quakerbridge, Rothaus Tannenzapfel Pils

Kellan Bartosch: Captain of Industry/Teller of Tales
Kellan is our resident dreamer genius and crack idea guy. Most of WISEACRE existed in his head long before it existed in the world. He makes ideas become reality like a great holy beer genie. He enjoys breakfast foods and reminding people that wildlife creatures are not our friends. Kellan spent years honing his skillz working for craft beer pioneers Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, a beer distributor, becoming beer equivalent of a wine sommelier called Certified Cicerone®, and a beer magazine columnist for Celebrator Beer News, CraftBeer.Com, Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional.
Favorite breweries: Alesmith, Sierra Nevada, Firestone, Three Floyds, The Bruery, Cigar City, Allagash
Favorite beers: Alesmith – Speedway Stout, Firestone – Union Jack IPA, New Glarus – Edel-Pils, The Bruery – Sour in the Rye, Cascade – Vlad the Imp Aler, Bell’s – Special Double Cream Stout, Orval, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot

Andy McQuary
Our resident lollygagger and expert on redneck dentistry is descendent of Scottish sheep thieves. The name McQuary has long been associated with avoiding “the man” which is why you can barely spot his mustachio hiding in the shadows of the silos but for the glow of his BLKs. The designer of Lord Skylark Tea Pale learned his art and craft as a graduate of brewing school via the Siebel Institute of Technology and Doeman’s Academy in Germany where he and Davin were little schoolmates. Prior to WISEACRE, Andy is a 6 year veteran as a professional brewer with Great Northern in Whitefish, Montana.
Favorite Breweries Allagash, Deschutes, Dogfish Head, Cigar City
Favorite Beer: Allagash Curieux, Great Northern Good Medicine, Blackfoot River Single Malt IPA, Deschutes Green Monster, Deschutes Barrel Aged The Abyss

Brian Balough
Jeopardy question: This Chicago native spent time opening a restaurant in Mongolia in his younger years and is likely the only person brewing beer at 5:30AM in Memphis on a regular basis. Answer: Who is Brian Balough? Correct! With a background in the kitchen, Balough made the switch to brewing as Davin’s volunteer assistant in 2010 in Chicago and garnered 2 years of professional brewing experience before heading down to Memphis to join up with WISEACRE.
Favorite Breweries: Short’s Brewing, New Glarus, Alesmith, Haymarket Pub and Brewery, Half Acre, Samuel Smith’s, and Rock Bottom.
Favorite Beer: Bell’s 2 Hearted, Hamm’s, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout, La Chouffe Houblon IPA, Half Acre Daisy Cutter, New Glarus Moon Man, and Revolution Eugene Porter

Ariana Glantz
Yo this D.C. native worked for Colorado Native brewery in college to learn the ropes of the beer biz. Check this she got flat-bill hats and learned how to dance at the esteemed Lipizzaner School of Classical Hip-Hop while learning to kind of speak a lot of languages. Forreal her boundless energy and passion for everything can barely be contained so get ready for WISEACRE to be in your face.
fav breweries: Bristol, Left Hand, Allagash, Port City, Perennial
burrs: Chimay Blue, Dry Dock Apricot Blonde, New Belgium Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout, Lindemans Kriek

Shannon Allen
Best job possible? Male model. Second best job possible? Working at WISEACRE. Perfecting his Ryan Gosling “casual toothpick look” between snapchats and daydreaming of the perfect hammer throw in a sport you may have heard of called Ultimate Frisbee, Shannon is the backbeat to the warehouse and packaging operations and the grumpy yet light-hearted receiver of lots of good natured ribbing. He was our first hire and his blood runs true for WISEACRE, Pro-Wrestling, and NASCAR.
Breweries:  North Coast, Half Acre, WISEACRE
Beers: North Coast Old Rasputin, Half Acre Daisy Cutter, WISEACRE Lightning Rod, Chimay Blue, White Russians

Craig Melton
Coolhand Luke Marc Anthony 3 point specialist; taproom manager logical negotiator golf game specialist. Wise adages yet goofball inclination; repeat 8-Ball lyrics no hesitation.
Breweries: WISEACRE, New Belgium, Yazoo
Beers: Ananda, Shift, Sly Rye

Sam Tomaszczuk

Rebecca (Crebs) McQuary

Justin White

Josh Moore

Fabian Beller

Davis Thomas

Taylor Lewis

Amanda Thompson

Most of our Taproom and Part Time Staff